RAID Data Recovery Toronto

Trust us for your RAID Data Recovery Toronto- We will get your RAID Array System back up and running again in shortest possible time frame keeping your original configuration and data security intact!  RAID Recovery Toronto

 RAID Data Recovery Toronto : Redundant Array of Intelligent/Inexpensive Disks which is commonly know as RAID is a very high level and fairly advanced type of multi hard drive configuration setup, RAID is very well known for the kind of data access speed and the reliability it provides. But unfortunately just like any hard drive or any other data storage device  available today, RAID arrays are also vulnerable to failures at both logical and physical level.

At we deploy the most state of the art RAID recovery equipment and cutting-edge data recovery techniques for RAID recovery. We have a team of certified data recovery specialists  that can handle :  

  • All RAID Configurations 0, 1, 5, 10, 50, etc
  • All VMware ( Cloud, Server, Workstation)
  • All NAS  / SAN devices ( All Makes / Models )
  • All Types & manufacturers


Our RAID recovery experts are certified and trained to work on any kind of RAID Array configuration:

  • Multiple / Nested RAID setup
  • Mirrored RAID Setup
  • Spanned RAID Setup
  • Stripped Arrays RAID Setup


All of our data recovery operations are conduced in our state of the art fully equipped class-100 clean room environment lab.

Irrespective of your RAID Array levels, data volume,configuration, manufacturer, platform, OS or interface (IDE, SAS, SATA, SCSI), our technicians are fully trained and well equipped to safely and securely retrieve your data to get you up and running in no time.