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Recover data from a dead computer

Up to this point we here at Data Recovery Toronto have focused on two common problems. The need to recover data from a working computer. The need to recover data from an unbootable computer. For a thorough discussion on these topics please refer back to our previous articles.. As a quick summary; in regards to the first problem, we recommend that the user attempts to retrieve his or her files through the... read more

Swapping Hard Drives to Recover Data

Today, at Data Recovery Toronto, we will explain exactly how you can retrieve documents from a dead computer, a topic we began discussing last time. It is important to note that these instructions rely upon the use of a working computer. Consequently, if you only have a single PC in your house, you are going to need to head over to a friend or family members house at a certain point. Anyways, with that... read more

Lost or deleted files?

Summary: How can you deal with lost or deleted files? Data Recovery Toronto informs the common computer user. Last time we introduced you to our site with a brief greeting. Today, on the other hand, it is time to begin looking at the important stuff. Our site, as a whole, is devoted to the notion of data recovery; the process of bringing back computer files and folders which were lost or deleted. However,... read more

Recover Data from Unbootable Computer

During the past little while we, here at Data Recovery Toronto, have been talking about how to recover data which has been accidentally deleted. In other words, we have covered situations where you have placed a file or files into the recycle bin and chosen to empty it. Shortly thereafter you realize that you have made a mistake and that you would really love to have those files back. We concluded that... read more

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

The last article, here at Data Recovery Toronto, focused on how to use Recuva to recover data (a program we introduced several weeks back). You may or may not recall that Recuva is a program which specializes in retrieving lost files from a whole host of media devices (disk drives, CD’s, DVD’s, USB key’s, etc…). Additionally, Recuva is a free software package – at least when it comes to personal... read more

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